Ken Keown


I have been “playing” in a garden for going on 66 years I have reached the retirement age at work but I not retiring from gardening. The passion is still there as there is no better tasting vegetable than what you grow. I find it very rewarding. There so many different varieties you can always try something new. I grow too much but I love giving my crops away.

As a toddler, I could be found in my parents garden eating fresh peas. (I hate canned peas). My parent always had a garden. And except for my college time, I have some garden. Today my yard is full of plants. I have a fairly large garden of about 3500 square feet and my house sits on 1 acre. I have been gardening for 25 years in my location. I started with a small garden that I watered with a hose. The first year I the ground was so bad that even the zucchini produced poorly. Many years later the planning has grown in size, I worked the soil and the watering system has changed. The large space lets me try lots of different varieties. I have had 12 different varieties of pepper at one time. My yards has about 95 trees which include over 25 evergreen pine trees, 10 fruit, and to many shrubs and perennials to count. And the bulbs in springtime include almost 150 daffodils. The daffodils are in the front yard because the deer do not eat them. The almost 50 -75 tulips are in the backyard. I also have two water ponds and waterfalls flowing down to them. Lots of fish so all the kids of any age can feed them. Success in gardening is just trying and doing it. It is not the size of the garden that counts or how much produce you grow it just a great feeling to have dirt on your hands.