Why wear garden gloves?  Your hands need to be protected from dirt, cuts, and debris, and gloves are the best way to do that.  Gloves can protect you not only from injuries, but also bugs, spiders, and other pests.

Wearing gloves may also prevent nail breakage, makes it easier to clean your hands, prevent cuts and soil-borne bacterial infections.

Type in “disease you can get from working in a garden” in a google search, and you will find out that using gloves is a fast, cheap and effective way NOT to get sick from gardening.  Better safe than sorry.

Whatever material your gloves are made of, it is important that they fit properly.

They must be snug to be effective.

There is a difference between men’s and women gloves both in size and in shape.  It is advised to try on the glove before buying to make sure they fit.  Too large or too loose will make it hard to pick weeds, or pick up soil.  Kid size glove may be the best fit if you have small hands.

Important Features

  1. Flexibility
  2. Durability      
  3. Grip    
  4. Ease of Cleaning
  5. Fit

Extra features

  1. Wrist Closure – this keeps dirt and other rubble from falling into your gloves.
  2. Rubber grip dots – for firm grip on the palm and fingers.
  3. Leather – for tough work like sawing (but they do not keep moisture away).


The most common gloves are cotton gloves.  Cotton gloves can be used for most garden projects.  They are lightweight, have a snug fit and are easy to dry.  But they do not offer the most protection.  You also need protection from chemicals in fertilizers, weed killer and poisonous plants.

Nitrile gloves are not durable, but offer good protection, as do latex.

Check out the gloves with pointed fingers for digging!

Gloves to dig with!

Keep a spare pair of gloves.  This gives your gloves time to recover from heat, moisture, and dirt.

For care of your gloves, brush off dirt.  This helps them to prevent hardening. 

Wash gloves with your hand inside to maintain shape.

Store gloves flat so they don’t take on some weird bent shape.  Storing gloves indoors will keep pests like spiders from crawling in.

I hope you are convinced that wearing gloves to garden in something valuable.  An ounce of prevention goes a long way!