Here are some inexpensive fertilizer ideas for making your own fertilizer.

Welcome back!  Hope you have found some useful information here for better gardens and higher yields on your harvest.  Today’s post will cover some great, inexpensive fertilizer ideas for making your own.  Save yourself a trip to the garden center!  Most ideas are using things you more than likely already have at home. 

So not only can you grow your own vegetables, but you can make your own fertilizer too!  Check out the following ideas: 

Eggshells add calcium, and help prevent blossom end-rot.  Crush 6 egg shells per quart of water in a blender. 

Epsom Salts – 1Tablespoon Epsom Salt to one gallon water – magnesium is a good nutritional supplement. 

Sugar – when the fruit starts getting color, add a spoonsful of sugar to the water to make tomatoes sweeter  (Love this one – bet you could make your strawberries sweeter, too!) 

Banana Peel– place a piece of banana peel in the bottom of the planting hole for tomato.  The peel will act as a slow-release fertilizer providing potassium and trace elements. 

Leave a comment and let me know what works for you.