Welcome to My Vegetable Garden.  The purpose of my posts is to share with you what I have learned about the ‘Wonderful World of Vegetable Gardening’.  I hope these posts will inspire you to try new things and improve your gardening skills.  So, let’s have some and get into it.

This is my mature garden. It keeps me busy.

I don’t know what your situation is, but I been retired for a few years. Now that I am retired, I have time to bring out the old wish list of new things I have been dying to do but did not have the time or money to do.  What makes gardening fun is figuring out how to make this year’s crop better than last years.

Over the years I have planted different sizes of gardens.  Each size has different needs.  For example, a few seasons ago my daughter and son-in-law were living near me.  Salsa was the rage that year, so I planted over 100 tomatoes and pepper plants.   Our garden was so successful that we made enough salsa for each of us to have a quart a week.

Some years due to my financial situation, I planted a smaller more basic garden.  I planted my garden tight with very limited space between plants and with a limited walking area.

I water my garden using irrigation thru an open ditch.  Over the years, changes have been made to the irrigation pipes to provide for better control of the water.   Another change that has proven very efficient is raised vegetables beds and drip systems.  Those new methods allow me to plant with more variety and the more open area between plants.   With these new innovations, I use several methods of planting in my garden and my yield is much better.  I have come a long way from planting a couple zucchini.  Now, I can feed my growing family.

I have a variety of vegetables.

We can all learn from mistakes or the ‘oops’ in our gardening experiences.  Here are a couple of my favorite episodes.

I have a friend who plants his vegetables in pots along his deck.  I was at his house one day watching him rework the soil.  He was complaining that his plants were not doing well.  He said it was because of all those ugly worms that were in the soil.  When I looked at the worms squirming around in the soil, I barely had the nerve to tell him that earthworm’s secretion is the best fertilizer there is.  Not only that but the tunnels the worms create tunnels allow more oxygen to get to the roots of the plants.  That was a ‘Duh!’ moment.

My next favorite ‘oop’ is a guy I know who was starting a lot of seeds.  The seedlings were about an inch high and looking good.  He recently bought a new sprayer, filled it with water and put it with his other sprayers.  I guess he did not mark his sprayer very clearly because instead of using the one that had the water in it, he grabbed one that was filled with the weed killer, Roundup.  Now he knows that Round-up really works.  It killed all his plants.

This is the shed I built to hold my garden tools.

Lazy Gardener Rule: “Never do today what may never have to be done at all.” This is a quote from Linda Tilgner’s book, Tips for the Lazy GardenerThe Morale: Less work may be best and more doesn’t mean it will be better.

More next time, see you then!  Plant Healthy!