The secret to transforming anything in your life, begins with transforming yourself.

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The three words that will change your romantic relationship and your life.

You can’t attract the kind of happy, healthy relationship you deserve if you don’t feel you are worthy of having it.

Three simple words will transform the way you feel about yourself and transform your romantic relationship, and your life.  This is the magic of relationship alchemy, I help men and women magically transform their romantic relationships by transforming themselves.

The secret to transforming anything in your life begins with transforming yourself.

One great way to do that is by saying three simple little words:

I am enough.

I am enough. So simple and yet so profound.  I wrote a blog post on my website a few years ago when I first discovered the power of these words check it out here if you’d like and please feel free to share it with anyone that may need to hear it.

I am enough.

You are enough.

Yet we live in a society that does it’s best to convince us otherwise from birth, so we must work diligently to counter these negative, false, and untrue messages.

You are enough.  You always have been, and you always will be.

You are perfect as you are in this moment, no matter what expectation you have of yourself that you may not feel you’re living up to.

The only way to truly make changes for yourself,  your romantic relationship, and your life is in accepting where you are right now with love. 

The way you do that is by saying I am enough.

Accepting that you are enough is like an excavation into our deepest selves.  Because at our core, our essence, our being *is* perfect.  We are absolutely enough.

The only way to truly make changes for yourself and your romantic relationship and your life is in accepting where you are right now with love.

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Change how you feel about yourself with this extremely simple yet powerful practice.

Get used to saying the words I am enough to yourself, constantly.  Make them your mantra to counter any negative thought that comes up. Any time you feel doubt, insecure, anxious or question if you are good enough, say or think the words I am enough. All day every day.

I know this might seem a bit extreme but it’s an extremely powerful practice and I promise you’ll be amazed at what happens.

When you first start to say “I am enough” you may not believe it and it might feel really strange to you.  You may feel like you are lying to yourself but you’re not.  You’re speaking the truth which might be the first time you ever have said this to yourself in your entire life. It can be a bit uncomfortable at first, you might feel awkward or even a little stupid, it can be really difficult, and for some a painful emotional experience.

It’s natural to feel resistance.  It will pass, this is just your ego fighting against a lifetime of negative programming. Whatever your experience when you first start to say these words to yourself please know that it’s okay and please be kind and compassionate to yourself.

No matter who you are, or where you came from or what baggage or issues you may have, you are enough.

Say it again. I am enough.

Say it, think it, and write it daily.

If you’re struggling with accepting that you are enough, I challenge you to write I am enough 25x a day for at least 4 days.

Put it where you can see it.  Write it on sticky notes,  put it on your phone, on your computer background or wallpaper, on your visor in the car, on your bathroom mirror, inside your wallet, on your fridge.

Set reminders in your calendar, alerts on your phone.

The repetition is really important because it is rewiring your thinking and overwriting the previous script you may have had your whole life, and this takes two things: time and repetition.

Once you repeat this to yourself enough you will find that your energetic frequency begins to shift.  You start to feel more self-assured, you trust yourself more, and you feel more confident naturally. You demand and expect better treatment from those in your life because you know you are enough, and you are worth it.

You stop settling.  You stop doubting yourself.  You stop attracting people in your life that treat you as less than you deserve because you felt inadequate.

That’s how powerful these three words are.

I am enough.

You demand and expect better treatment from those in your life because you know you are enough, and you are worth it. You are enough.

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Words have the power to transform your relationships and your life.

I’m a big fan of Lewis Howes and listen to his podcast: The School of Greatness as often as possible.  In this episode, he interviewed Marisa Peer.  Peer discusses the power of words to transform your life.  Give it a listen and if it resonates with you be sure to show them some love by liking, commenting, and sharing.

The entire episode is full of powerful information but the part where she discusses her book titled “I Am Enough” and the practice of saying the words I am enough starts at about one hour and six minutes in. I have listened to this episode three times! It’s that good and it’s why I felt it was important to share with you while we’re on the topic of changing how we feel about ourselves using these powerful but simple words.

To feel worthy of self-care, you must know that you are enough exactly as you are.  You have to counter what for many of us has been a life-long stream of messages to the contrary which requires time and repetition using three simple but life-changing words. I am enough.

May this post, and these practices help you change your thinking and your energetic frequency.

Recognizing that you are always enough might be the most powerful step you can take in having a happy, healthy relationship with yourself and in turn having a happy, healthy relationship with your partner.

It is my hope and prayer that you recognize that you are enough because you are.

Wishing you love and happiness in your romantic relationship and life,

I’m excited to hear how this practice helps you transform your life and your love life to have a happy, healthy relationship you deserve.

Have you tried saying the words “I am enough”? If so how has that affected you? What have you noticed? If not, be sure to try them and report back! 

Please share in the comments below and be as detailed as possible. What you share could inspire or help someone else.

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